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Welcome to TOMI Hospitality Group, where we embody the true essence of hospitality

With a blend of modern creativity, dynamic innovation, and good-old-fashioned hard work, we passionately develop each project to create authentic and memorable experiences for our diverse guests. Taking risks and harnessing our creativity is at the core of what we do, ensuring that every guest encounter is truly remarkable. In a world that is constantly evolving, our forward-thinking philosophy drives all our endeavors.

We take immense pride in our achievements within the industry. Our expansive portfolio showcases our versatility, ranging from family-friendly all-you-can-eat restaurants to captivating boutique hotels and luxurious fine dining establishments. Each venture is a testament to our unwavering love for what we do, and we are committed to continuing our journey by seeking investment opportunities in hospitality projects that align with our portfolio, values, and philosophy. Our primary focus lies in hotels, restaurants, and commercial real estate, as we strive to redefine the boundaries of hospitality.

Join us on this exciting voyage as we create extraordinary experiences, leave lasting impressions, and shape the future of the hospitality landscape.


"Strive for greatness and carve your unique path among your peers."

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Michael Hu

Co-founder of TOMI hospitality

Michael is a natural problem-solver with an astute business acumen, who embraces challenges head on and harnesses a deep passion for hospitality.

Tony Wu

Co-founder of TOMI Hospitality

Tony is the current owner and director of numerous top-rated, high-quality hotels across Amsterdam and Delft, and currently serves as TOMI Hospitality’s acting Chief Operating Officer.



We translate ideas into works of art.

We are proud of our extensive portfolio, which centres around hotels, restaurants and commercial real estate. Across all our projects, we develop distinctive and innovative concepts that speak to various levels and markets

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“We are always actively thinking about movement within the hospitality industry, asking ourselves: how do we stay ahead of the curve, what is creative? We distinguish ourselves by being more dynamic, understanding the market on a real level and not just through reading a book”
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