Albert-Jan’s previous notable experience includes creating zoning plans for developers and municipalities, as well as facilitating (Asian) REITs’ in their acquisition spree in Europe. From 2015, he acted as a consultant and entrepreneur, advising on the feasibility of hotel projects and acquisitions of hotel operations and real estate. With further experience as a “hotelloods’ for the Municipality of Amsterdam, Albert-Jan has also previously acted as a civil servant and hotel development intermediary.

The culmination of these experiences have honed Albert-Jan’s talent to consider each angle of every development concept, as well as his ability to balance a variety of interests with care, ensuring that all projects result in a smooth and timely completion.

Albert-Jan’s drive behind his endeavours stems from his love of hospitality and passion for meeting people from all over the world. Through his advisory role with TOMI Hospitality, Albert-Jan hopes to continue building Amsterdam’s reputation as a quaint but vibrant metropolis, and play his role in creating beautiful hotels and hospitality projects that locals can be proud of.

Albert-Jan Shi is a member of the Dutch National ThinkTank and a member of the Supervisory Board of RAUM, a non-profit placemaking organisation in Utrecht.

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