Tony’s academic background in international business and management from Saxion University of Applied Sciences, coupled with his earlier professional experience in sustainable development, has laid a solid foundation for his journey into the dynamic world of hospitality. However, with no formal hospitality training, Tony took a bold risk many years ago when he embarked on his first hotel acquisition in Amsterdam as a renovation project—a venture that led to major success and showcased his fearlessness and natural ability to rise to any challenge, even without previous industry experience.

Since then, Tony has continued to successfully transform once-dilapidated hotels into thriving establishments, always being able to distinguish an opportunity from a lost cause. Tony has also proved himself operationally, with his hotels across Amsterdam and Delft consistently garnering top ratings across various platforms.

By co-founding TOMI Hospitality, Tony aims to expand his high-end hospitality portfolio to encompass restaurants, hotels, and innovative projects alike. With an unwavering commitment to elevating existing ventures to new heights of potential and luxury, Tony’s visionary leadership ensures that TOMI Hospitality remains at the forefront of the industry.

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